Welcome to Famut Design

Our webpage(s) and domain(s) serves two primary purposes:

  • Platform to promote our template designs for private users, clubs, smaller organizations, and companies
  • Provide a testbed for new template designs when required

The layout used here is now based on WordPress, as our previous one with Joomla has been replaced. The background is that Joomla has released version 4 of their software, which is not compatible with previous versions of Joomla, hence templates and contents can no longer be updated. You have to start from scratch. So for us the solution was simple, change to WordPress

We do develop and design webpages in English. Language translations are provided as required.

The pages in Norwegian describes the basic idea behind our designs and our pricing policy, which in all should provide our customers with a well designed product at a very competitive price.

Boating License

We have expanded our activity to also include trainingcourses to obtain the Norwegian Boating License (for boats/yachts under 15m loa). See https://www.godkurs.no for details.

For further information you may contact us via:
Phone: (+47) 912 41 205, or send us an E-mail.

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